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Ryan's love for automobiles started at an early age. He and his dad would work on cars together in the garage, and Ryan quickly learned the processes of fixing them. When he was just 15 years old, Ryan started working at a local body shop. He started out as a detailer, but over time he mastered each step of the auto body repair process. Today, Ryan is ASE and ICAR pro level 3 platinum-certified body and frame technician. He loves his job and takes pride in repairing damaged vehicles back to their original condition.


Although he had been working in the auto body business for over 15 years, he realized that he still wanted to learn more. He started looking into new techniques that could be more efficient than the conventional repair process. This is when he discovered the art of paintless dent repair. In 2014, he graduated from Dent Perfect PDR School, where he received one on one training in this specialized field.


Since becoming a certified PDR technician, his business has boomed. He has been able to fix dents and dings on cars quickly and efficiently, without having to repaint the entire panel. His clients have been impressed with both the quality of his work and the speed at which it is completed. Thanks to his new skills,

For the past 6 years Ryan has worked full time while also operating his PDR business before, after and during his full time job. In 2020 he has decided to give his full attention to his PDR business and has decided to grow it even more than now. He is a professional paintless dent repair technician experienced with retail and wholesale work, paint correction, hail, and oversized complex dent repair.



With plans of growing his company to being the biggest and best paintless dent repair company in Northeast Ohio. So rest assured with a lifelong history in the automotive body repair industry and knowledge of all OEM repair procedures your vehicle is in good hands and will be repaired to perfection.



Come in as a customer and leave as a friend. I want to give every one of my customers a great experience treating them as if they are my only customer.

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